12 de julio de 2012

typewriter brand logos

A selection, from A to Z, in order to celebrate typewriters, but especially to congratulate Robert on the opening of his epic exhibition. (Part I: From Adler to Halberg)
Adler decal
Adler (1929)
Ala logo
Ala (1935)
alba a4 typewriter
Barbie Schreibmaschine
Bing Student Type
Bing (1927)
Calanda S typewriter logo
Calanda (1954)
Collegiate 1000
Collegiate 1000 (1986)
Continental-Kleinschreibmaschine (Modell 34)
Continental 34 (1933)
Corona logo
Corona 3 (1923)
Courier Typewriter logo
The Courier Typewriter (1924)
Dactyle typewriter
Dactyle (1893)
Empire typewriter
Empire (1908)
Erika (1910)
Erika (1910)
Erika 5
Erika 5
Erika Naumann Logo
Erika 5 (1930)
Everest K2 typewriter
Everest K2
Halberg portable typewriter
Halberg ()
Read more on these models on www.typewriters.ch.

7 comentarios:

  1. Oh, how fascinating! I love all of these.

  2. excellent post! love that Dactyle and the Corona.

  3. that dactyle looks creepy, like its some sort of secret society

  4. Beautiful macro pictures, Georg! Very nice to see them all in one place. For some reason the Empire logo calls out to me - the golden letters emerging from a dark and somber background; it's quite cinematic!

  5. Excellent photos! But why isn't there any love for Facit and Groma?

    1. This is not the case. I just haven't gotten around to take their pictures.