15 de septiembre de 2013

Visit the Dietz typewriter collection

Long live the internet! Long live the Milwaukee Public Museum! Hello there & thank you Mr. Dietz!

Many high-resolution pictures, all in all super impressive.

14 de septiembre de 2013

Gabriele 2000 electric

Gaby is a good girl. Here she is in her bright yellow dress, all electrified. For your entertainment only.

Some details: This model is labeled "Triumph", but was also sold as "Adler Gabriele 2000". According to L. Dingwerth's Lexicon, this model was introduced in 1972 and produced until ca. 1981. The serial number 20366923 could indicate a production year around 1980. A label on the back indicates "T-A organisation" (Triumph-Adler's common distribution network), plus "Made in Holland". It is powered by a 50W, 50 Hz motor made by AEG. Not noisy at all, and nice to handle (techno font, by the way).

1 de septiembre de 2013

cut cut cut a typewriter afternoon

September 1st, still nice and warm outside, so I sat down and gave these nice sectional models a thorough cleaning: it is the type mechnisms for Hermes 8, Hermes 9, and what I believe to be Hermes 2000 / 3000 portable. I got splendid results, as you can see:

translation follows! --> what's the word for "Tiefgang der Taste"?
Rough translation: "The correct, harmonious balance between the amount you need to press the key, and the acceleration of the typebar in motion is important for the performance of both the writer and the machine. The key leverage of the HERMES 8 is 16 mm. The red dots mark the movement of the typebar for each mm the key is pressed. The acceleration is thus visible."