14 de julio de 2012

Typewriter brand logos Part 2 - from Hermes to Perkeo

Here we go again, taking off with the Hermes 2000:
Hermes 2000 decal
Hermes 2000 (1948)
Hermes Baby
Hermes Baby (1935)
Hermes logo
Hermes, early 1970s
Hermes Media logo 1946
Hermes Media (1946)
Hermes No. 2 logo
Hermes No. 2 (1923)
Hermes typewriter logo
Hermes No. 2 (from a letter written in 1932)
Japy P68 logo
Japy P68
Japy V logo
Japy V (1931)
Continental Wanderer-Werke logo
Continental (1921)
Mercedes Elektra Schreibmaschine logo
Mercedes Elektra 
Monarch no. 2 typewriter logo
Oliver Courier logo
Oliver Courier (1956)
Oliver portable typewriter
Oliver portable (1930s)
Olivetti Ico logo
Olivetti Ico (1936)
Olivetti Studio 42
Olivetti (1939)
Olympia Mod.8
Olympia 8
Orga Privat typewriter logo
Orga Privat (1927)
Paillard logo
"paillard", on Hermes 2000 (1948)
Patria logo
Patria (CH, 1945 - 1950)
Patria portable typewriter
Patria (CH, ca. 1936)
Perkeo typewriter logo
Perkeo (ca. 1920s)
Perkeo typewriter logo
Perkeo (ca. 1920s)
Urania Piccola logo
Urania (1933)

2 comentarios:

  1. looks like George Lucas might have borrowed from that Patria logo/font

  2. I love the "paillard" logo, very dramatic. And the Monarch logo includes an infinite regress!