31 de julio de 2012

Of Cats and Mice

It is a well-known fact that cats just love typewriters. One irritating factor, however, keeps puzzling typewriter and computer science. As my friend Perfesser Bear so aptly put it: "Most American-sold typewriters never came with their own cat; you had to supply your own. I have no idea why they replaced it with the mouse after the switch to computers."
Any suggestions?

Cat & IBM Standard Modell B 

21 de julio de 2012

Busy Bees

Dial Typewriter and two times Apex, the busy bee from Western Germany. If you feel like, you can play them all at the same time.


See Robert's post for technical details, and here for some more on the Dial Typewriter.

ps: I realized my Latin has become a bit rusty, "apis" would be the bee, of course, however, I found it a fitting title for this post. 

15 de julio de 2012

Typewriter brand logos Part 3 - from Remington to Voss

While Robert is speaking in Australia, I decorate this great exhibition from far and continue with the selection of typewriter logos. Today we start with Remington and go all the way up to Voss.
Remington Portable #1
Remington portable 1 (1922)
Rheinmetall portable typewriter
Rheinmetall (1945/46)
Rover 2000 typewriter
Rover 2000
Royal (1959)
Ruf logo 1937
Ruf (1937)
S.I.M. portable typewriter
Seidel & Naumann Ideal
Ideal (1936)
Seidel & Naumann Logo
Seidel & Naumann, Ideal (1930)
Seidel & Naumann Logo
Seidel & Naumann, Erika 5
Stoewer Elite
Stoewer-Elite (1913)
Stoewer Kleinschreibmaschine
Stower portable (1926-30)
Stoewer Record
Stoewer Record (1923)
Stoewer Record

Swissa Junior 4 logo
Swissa junior 4
SWISSA piccola logo
Swissa piccola
The Noiseless Typewriter logo
The Noiseless Typewriter Mod. 4
Tom Thumb toy typewriter
Tom Thumb
Torpedo 5 logo
Torpedo Mod. 5
Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter logo
Underwood (1924)
Urania piccola logo
Urania Piccola ()
VOSS "Privat" typewriter
Voss Privat
Voss 24
Voss typewriter logo
Voss (1949)
Voss typewriters logo
Voss (1960)

14 de julio de 2012

Typewriter brand logos Part 2 - from Hermes to Perkeo

Here we go again, taking off with the Hermes 2000:
Hermes 2000 decal
Hermes 2000 (1948)
Hermes Baby
Hermes Baby (1935)
Hermes logo
Hermes, early 1970s
Hermes Media logo 1946
Hermes Media (1946)
Hermes No. 2 logo
Hermes No. 2 (1923)
Hermes typewriter logo
Hermes No. 2 (from a letter written in 1932)
Japy P68 logo
Japy P68
Japy V logo
Japy V (1931)
Continental Wanderer-Werke logo
Continental (1921)
Mercedes Elektra Schreibmaschine logo
Mercedes Elektra 
Monarch no. 2 typewriter logo
Oliver Courier logo
Oliver Courier (1956)
Oliver portable typewriter
Oliver portable (1930s)
Olivetti Ico logo
Olivetti Ico (1936)
Olivetti Studio 42
Olivetti (1939)
Olympia Mod.8
Olympia 8
Orga Privat typewriter logo
Orga Privat (1927)
Paillard logo
"paillard", on Hermes 2000 (1948)
Patria logo
Patria (CH, 1945 - 1950)
Patria portable typewriter
Patria (CH, ca. 1936)
Perkeo typewriter logo
Perkeo (ca. 1920s)
Perkeo typewriter logo
Perkeo (ca. 1920s)
Urania Piccola logo
Urania (1933)