6 de julio de 2014

The Baby Empire healed

It is a bit more than a year ago that we read Nick's account of the heart attack of his Baby Empire typewriter. Some time ago, I was happy to receive this nice machine from Nick and add it to my growing Hermes Baby + offshoot collection (secret revealed: I want to display all Hermes Baby variants next year in the Swiss collectors' meeting).

At first, I couldn't fix the main spring either. But today, inspired by the success of repairing the Empire featured in the last blog entry, I sat down and voilà! to my surprise and delight could revive the Baby's heart. So, greetings to Nick, the machine is finally back to glory! Long live typospherian solidarity!

Iris type number 207.

The Empire Baby, serial number 2574.

3 de julio de 2014

Empire portable typewriter

I cleaned this nice little Empire, Made in England. Direct import by Royal Mail, royal price by the way. Cleaned it, repaired the main spring (needed to dismount the carriage to do that). So much fun! Vivat!

Do you know the brand name of this type?
UPDATE 9 July 2014: thanks to reader and fellow collector J.H. we now know the name of the type used on this Empire portable: it is GORDON WEBB & Co., Ltd.. See below an add drawn from Typewriter Topics, Oct. 1920:

detail of the above add, with the characteristic (Poseidon's?) trident