13 de marzo de 2009

Remington Portable #2

Fact sheet:
Manufacturer: Remington Rand
Model: Remington Portable #2
Serial number: V150477
Keyboard: German
Purchased in Basel, Switzerland, in Autumn 2008.

This Remington Portable has a rather small font, a lovely feature - you can fit many words, tighly written, in one page.

When was it made? Usually, a typewriter is easy to date with the help of the Typewriter Serial Number Database. This time, however, we cannot be so sure. According to Richard Polt's Remington Portables' page, #2 production started in February 1925, SN
V131518 was made in December 1928. Our #2 with the SN V150477 is thus post-1928 produced. Should you have any information which would allow for more precise dating (such as - ideally - original manufacturer's lists), please share them with us!

12 de marzo de 2009

Triumph Durabel typewriter

Triumph Durabel

Fact sheet
model: Triumph Durabel
serial number: 328300 (manufactured in 1940)
keyboard layout: Swiss-German

complete with original case
purchased in Switzerland in March 2009 for 38 CHF

The serial number 328300 would indicate the production year 1940 (source: the typewriter database at http://www.tw-db.com/). Next to the "DURABEL" sticker and the insignia of the Triumph company, the label of Schreibmaschinen G. Schaerer Basel (a typewriter shop) is also still on.

It writes with ease and has a beautiful font. According to http://www.100besteschriften.de/
(itself quoting from the book Made with Fontfont) Erik van Blokland's modern Trixie font of 1991 is based on the Triumph Durabel's font.

last update: 8.3.2010