24 de enero de 2017

Typo 360

I made a short video using a new gimmick for filming - essentially a revolving platform allowing to showcase some of the machines in motion, 360°.

I posted the result on http://www.typewriters.ch/blog/2017/01/typo-360/

25 de junio de 2016

Exit Empire

Little did I know that the typewriter I had received from England on June 23rd, International Typewriter Day 2016, would be the last one before Brexit.

You judge by yourself whether the name of this machine, Empire Junior, is telling for the future.

!viva la typosphere internationale!

yours sincerely, Dr. Shordzi

23 de junio de 2016

Happy International Typewriter Day 2016!

Can this be a coincidence?
This wonderfully packed parcel arrived at the doorstep today, June 23rd, International Typewriter Day.

Unpacking is not before tomorrow... let's keep up the suspense.

Let's say this much: inside is a typewriter produced in Switzerland, sold in England, and now, thanks to overwhelming support from a well-known typospherian agent in her Majesty's realm, has regained its place of birth after ca. 80 years... reason to celebrate!


23 de abril de 2016

Typewriters in France, plus a hint

Dear fellow typospherians, here is a photo report from a collectors' meeting in France (23 April 2016):

Now here is the hint. Please consider adding my other typewriter blog to your blog roll. I might use it more in the future, as it is solely dedicated to our machine of choice:

Cheers, and happy collecting!