5 de julio de 2009

Continental typewriter, X-large

Continental typewriter, originally uploaded by shordzi.

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FactsheetContinental Standard
ManufacturerWanderer Werke AG,formely Winklhofer&Jaenicke, Sigmar-Schönau, Germany.
ModelContinental Standard (wide carriage)
Serial number440166 (produced in 1930)
Special featuresSwiss-German keyboard; long carriage (ca.16 inches)
Originally sold by"J.F. Pfeiffer, Basel"

This machine comes from a private sale near Basel in July 2009, independent from our recent other Continental Standard typewriter, which we bought in a second hand shop. However, both typewriters were originally sold in the same shop, "J.F. Pfeiffer, Basel", and also stem from the same period, as can be deducted from the closeness of the serial numbers.

This typewriter cost 50 CHF and came in ok, but not neat condition. A bit of dusting and oiling, as usually, did the job, it now writes very neatly, and I can assure you it's good finger training to type on it!
Continental typewriter writing sample

The serial number is 440166, which, according to the Typewriter Serial Number Database would fall in the production year 1930.

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