30 de enero de 2013

Spanish keyboards

Many Spanish-speaking countries, many keyboards, many keyboard layouts!
Starting with "Universal":


But hey here is much more:
Español Europa
Ecuador, Uruguay
América del Sur, Cuba
Venezuela, Argentina, Chile
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Columbia

source: Gossen Tippa, Catalog, ca. 1953.

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26 de enero de 2013

A Great Paintjob

Postcard Sphinx

Here we see French paintress Adèle Beauchamps (1902 - 1980) finishing one of her first canvasses, "Le Sphinx dévoilé".

21 de enero de 2013

Negozio Olivetti in Venice

Here is a must for Olivetti fans: the "Negozio Olivetti" ("Olivetti shop") in the very heart of Venice. Design: Carlo Scarpa.
go see it here:
plus some photos:
next time in Venice, hopefully soon...

20 de enero de 2013

Quick Response Code

An in-between message, for no special purpose, if not for showing another digital manifestation of an otherwise rather physical typewriter collection:

QR Code generator

The Quick Response Code (QRC) was developed for Toyota Motor Corporation in 1994 to track vehicles during manufacture. For reading them, you need to install a QRC reader app, which is easy and mostly free of charge. You can also create your own QR code easily and for free (e.g. at http://goqr.me/).

8 de enero de 2013


This is not a dishwasher - it's TYPEWRITERWASHERS. Seen and copyrighted on "Swiss ebay" ricardo.ch here and here.

Number 1: DREGO-Waschautomat by Wilhelm Dreusicke & Co. KG. Dreusicke was the major German tool- and spare parts maker for typewriters for decades. There is actually a German utility patent on "REINIGUNGSAPPARAT MIT SPRUEHSTRAHLSYSTEM UND SICHERHEITSSCHALTER" from 17 August 1978 (see pdf here). I am not sure whether it's the same model, but the machine shown here was produced in 1980 so this would fit. It could also be "REINIGUNGSAPPARAT MIT MOTORPUMPEN UND SPRUEHSTRAHLSYSTEM UND 2 GETRENNTEN FLUESSIGKEITSBEHAELTERN" granted 17 November 1977 (see pdf here).

 Typewriter washing machine number 2:

This is a Swiss label, probably pegged on the motor.


7 de enero de 2013

Erika keyboard layouts

This is the amazing array of keyboard layouts available for the Erika portable typewriter, ca. 1930 (click on image or links).
- Universal - Universal Consular - German
page 2 - page 3 - page 4 - page 5 - page 6 - page 7 - page 8 - page 9 - page 10 - page 11- page 12

3 de enero de 2013

Typewriter inspired

The portfolio of Huei Tai Chen, featuring THE TYPEWRITER. Bravo!

Chen already used the typewriter scheme for his first portfolio:
Equally called TYPEWRITER - Christophe Dillinger's book:
... have you heard of the TERRACOTTA TYPEWRITER?
Closing on what is already a classic: Rob's guide to the IMPERIAL GOOD COMPANION: