30 de abril de 2014

Olivetti rules

Olivetti WAY COOL ... as always... enjoy!

From the Olivetti Historical Archives.. thank you folks!!

20 de abril de 2014

Jesus is love is typewriting

To state that Jesus owned a typewriter would be grossly ahistorical.
HAPPY EASTER, dear Typospherians!

Happy Easter 2014

13 de abril de 2014

Matterhorn Typing 10000 ft

High-level typing has become a tradition in the typosphere. Swiss mountain air in particular seems to attract the local typospherians. So we started early, and I tell you it was worth the trip... for the glory of the typosphere, and your entertainment only: MATTERHORN TYPING

You can best reach the Matterhorn by train, going up to Zermatt and then taking the small train up to approximately 3100 m / 10170 ft. From there, you enjoy a spectacular view of the Alpine panorama, including the Matterhorn, 4.478 m / 14.692 ft.

The mission was spearheaded by two experienced mountaineers aka agents S. and M. On site, we could recruit two more agents for the mecascriptophile cause. See for yourselves:

(photos of the newly recruited agents not shown for security reasons)