22 de julio de 2011

Field typing

Field typing, originally uploaded by shordzi.

Wishing everybody a great summer!

Via Flickr:
olivetti lettera 22 in action.

17 de julio de 2011

Swiss Typewriter Letterheads

Inspired by Richard's post presenting the typewriter letterheads used at a recent typefest, I am happy to show you some Swiss 1930s letterheads. These are ready for download (follow the link by clicking on the pictures / alternative download from this page). Format is A4, but is should work just as well when printing them out on U.S. standard letter paper.

Briefpapier Baggenstos 1933
August Baggenstos was general representative for Hermes in German-speaking Switzerland. He wrote a cool book on typewriters, too.

Letterhead André Boss 1932

Briefpapier L.M. Campiche 1932
Louis-Marius Campiche was general representative of Hermes in the French-speaking parts of Switzerland
Briefpapier Baggenstos 1931

Briefpapier L.M. Campiche 1931
M.L. Campiche also sold Victor calculating machines

10 de julio de 2011

Im Radio DRS2 Musikmagazin

Ein kleiner & feiner Auftritt im ausgezeichneten feature "Surprise", Teil des "Musikmagazins" auf Radio DRS 2. Sendung vom 9. Juli 2011.  Hier zum Nachhören, hier podcast der ganzen Sendung.

6 de julio de 2011

Story of the Fox

I couldn't resist trying the great stationary templates by Peter, as brought to us via Richard's writing ball. So here jumps the fox again:


5 de julio de 2011

Summer colours


This year's Summer Colours are presented to you by: Remington Noiseless 10, Voss 24, olivetti lettera 22, and Everest K2. Hope you are enjoying the summer (well, not you yet Robert)!!

Remington Noiseless 10
17,3 kg, to be exact

Voss 24
Voss 24

olivetti lettera 22
lettera 22

Everest K2 typewriter
an Everest K2 in excellent condition