23 de junio de 2011

Happy Typewriter Day 2011

June 23rd - Typewriter Day
Last minutes of typewriter day here in Europe! As you see below, the whole world is celebrating. In the 1930s, this apparently meant the whole MALE world. I'll try to come up with something soon to strike an equal gender balance. Cheers!
Swiss keyboard
The text always starts with: "The whole world writes on UNDERWOODs - WHY ... ?"








source: Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland), 1934 and 1940.
drawings by: "A.S. Grob"

17 de junio de 2011

Ready, willing & able

"Ready, Willing and Able" (Ray Enright, USA, 1937). Ruby Keeler, Lee Dixon and a lot of anonymous "legbars" typing away.

And here is a reprise in the 1970 movie "Bombay Talkie" (James Ivory), featuring the "menaka" typewriter:

13 de junio de 2011

Typewriter Convention

Typewriter Convention, originally uploaded by shordzi.

Several typewriter generations gathered to discuss present developments in the typosphere. Delegations from both West and East Germany, the German Reich, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and the United States of America attended. It was agreed that the proceedings are to be published in different typefaces.