27 de octubre de 2012

Typewriter spotting in Antwerp

It just so happens that I am in the golden city of Antwerp in Flanders, Belgium. On our way to the famous Plantin-Moretus museum, which features - amongst other things - a super well preserved printing press and lead typefaces from the 1600s, we came by the equally traditional Vrijdags market. It being friday, and still a reasonable time, the market was still ongoing.
the Antwerp cathedral - marvellous

The special thing about Antwerp's Friday market is that the items - mostly the usual fleamarket objects, with quite a bit of furniture as far as I saw - are being auctioned off. What was not my surprise to see; that the person who registered the sales was using a manual typewriter! An Olympia, to be more precise.

 Lateron in the museum we learned by a documentary from 1991 that this is the very same procedure as used then. It even seemed to me that the man on the video typing in 1991 is the same as the one I saw yesterday.
scene from the auction site
  Should you ever come to Antwerp, make sure to visit the Plantin-Moretus - it's gorgeous!

20 de octubre de 2012

Retro-Technica impressions

 Some photos:

This is a telephone

a typical Swiss army typewriter - the Hermes Media

This is an interesting machine. Will will tell you all about it - once we have discussed it

another Hermes Ambassador, with the equally special "Raumsparschrift" (what's it called again in English?)

An Erika S, very well kept

This is also a telephone!

bringing home the Hermes

Hermes Ambassador typewriter
The Ambassador after a bit of cleaning

19 de octubre de 2012

Analog chat performance by Marion Ritzmann

Swiss artist Marion Ritzmann continued her series of Analog chats with a third edition yesterday in Lokal int. in Bienne/Biel, Switzerland. Typewriters.ch was happy to provide the hardware. Here is a few impressions from a great evening:

Lokal int. with a photo from the first Analog chat in Berlin, and two columns featuring the books resulting from the first two performances.

The rule for Analog chat is to type one word per page only, then passing it on to the other participant, who can then react, or wait for a new word-message. And vice-versa.

"Department for Everything Else"

and action!

in the end, all paper got used, which will make for a thick Analog chat, Volume 3


Machines used:
Olympia Traveller de Luxe
mehr zu dieser Maschine hier
Erika 5 (1931)
mehr zu dieser Maschine hier

18 de octubre de 2012

17 de octubre de 2012

money for the typosphere

Some new currency for the typosphere. Draft, Oct. 2012.
Shall we call it "typo"?
Ok, here is one more traditional design:


8 de octubre de 2012