29 de septiembre de 2014

26 de septiembre de 2014

Hermes Media 3 - the dividing line

... in search of the dividing line. contributions welcome. i was most happy to find these two machines at two weeks distance only - long live Hermesland.

Update 27 Sept. 2014: I forgot to add that the dividing line is the same for the Hermes 3000 and the Hermes Media 3 (it is pretty safe to assume that both variants came on the market at the same time, and share serial numbers).
Plus, we are closing in on the gap: currently, my #3'351'271 is still the highest "round" one, and D. Johnson's #3'357'754 is the lowest "boxy" one.

ok, once more:

and Rob, here's the hood:

24 de septiembre de 2014

Rob's parade

Following up on last time's quiz, here is the Hermes Baby parade, covers off!

Montana #61305. T. Elster collection 2010. I borrowed this one.


22 de septiembre de 2014

Hermes Baby domino

Hello typospherians,

who is who? The popular Hermes Baby quiz.

These are all Hermes Baby / Hermes Baby clones, getting together for a sit-in on the Sommeregger typewriter foundation's couch. Who is who? Have your guess (from left to right).