29 de marzo de 2007

The evolution of spam

This interesting message I received by mail, as spam.

It reads: "act "Third-rate," said said faithfully dreamed Danglars, rather humble, "what"Oh, their hook heads knit open are soon cut squeeze off," said Danglars. "And geoponic rode if wonderful you should hear of promptly anything very scandalouchallenge sense ran The repast was magnificent; discovery Monte Cristo had endea
"You may.""The apparent twist reason, confess inject ancient at least," said Madame de Vi
plug trodden ring "Ah, grind indeed?" said Cavalcanti. cart "Certainly," continued Monte squash library equally Cristo, "I make three "I think wash so; am fake I floor not open right, M. de Villefort?" ask Monte horn shock weep Cristo noticed wait the general astonishment, and
"Ah, no, no. But do trouble animal not let us smoggy suggest lose time; you aresit awoken "Shall recklessly tongue I receive it from my father?" asked Andrea, "The dog real hear crush reason, madame, I can wound assure you; I know wore "Yes, regret you will hot receive fierce it from your father persona
brake "What walk are mark control the two fish?" asked Danglars. cause cook whine appear "Confound it, yes!" replied Danglars. plane "Yes, count," replied lonely Villefort, in feed a father voice now sc morning thought "The result, gold then, day of six more such months as this "Yes," said station Valentine, "he was cautiously bow very bed fond of me."
person "And shrank does raspy fragile my father mean to remain long in Paris?""True, elegantly stamp we must tired be quick, selfishly for we have scarcely ten hand "Ma foi," tame front time said Maximilian, in consternation. "But I want sowed to know in panicky slip what way M. ant d'Epinay can ha "I quick believe bow I baby know smell M. Franz d'Epinay," said the cou
"I property cloth moor cook will communicate it to you."bent "Who does smell not love you?" Valentine judge wound smiled sadly. ""M. Chateau-Renaud, map teaching fed who hourly has lived in Russia, will down osteal Monte Cristo, seeing that the attract discussion two persons for whom
"This one is, heard I lock think, bet answer a sterlet," said Chateau-Re "You will goat oblige hunt me." Danglars lay rushed out degree of the r leather shrill "Oh," said Danglars, becoming very pale, saw wood how you a wood LET sleep US rain LEAVE the banker driving his limit horses at thei "An story prickly extreme nervous excitement and slit broadcast a strangely agi smash axillary "Yes, you are right; I am treat mass but a poor friend to you
"Only punishment different a few queue days," replied Monte attack Cristo. "His servfire "Well, what jewel does it practise competition signify, Valentine, so long asblot courageously "The stitch pump same," said Villefort. misty troubled fell "Ah, doubt my father!" exclaimed Andrea, evidently leather thick brake "Those are zoological kind and cheering words. You must hope
"Indeed, count," zip said board Madame thin Danglars, table "I am asham "And even glove that overdone one, strove if I mistake not, a lamprey." "Just move so. perfectly Now, bathe M. Danglars, grown ask these gentlemen wh"

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