6 de julio de 2014

The Baby Empire healed

It is a bit more than a year ago that we read Nick's account of the heart attack of his Baby Empire typewriter. Some time ago, I was happy to receive this nice machine from Nick and add it to my growing Hermes Baby + offshoot collection (secret revealed: I want to display all Hermes Baby variants next year in the Swiss collectors' meeting).

At first, I couldn't fix the main spring either. But today, inspired by the success of repairing the Empire featured in the last blog entry, I sat down and voilà! to my surprise and delight could revive the Baby's heart. So, greetings to Nick, the machine is finally back to glory! Long live typospherian solidarity!

Iris type number 207.

The Empire Baby, serial number 2574.

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Wow! Great job, and Clever! But my own Empire Aristocrat is, unfortunately, a horrible typer. All the keys feel dead.

    2. It must be the direct comparison with the incomparable OLIVER... but it is true that some Hermes Baby models are really not good for typing at all, especially not touch-typing, as the angle of the keys is different than on other machines.

  2. Oh dear, the emotional outpouring. Looking back at that post, I can only feel silly! But passion can often seem trivial a year in the future.

    I'm so glad you could get it working! It is a surprisingly worthy typewriter. I never would have thought of heating the metal, even though I know all about the principles.

  3. I'm very impressed! Well done!

  4. Nice looking typewriter. Congratulations on your successful repair.
    I had a similar experience with my Montana. I wonder if all variants of the Baby used the same method of attaching the mainspring.

    1. I was told by an experienced mechanic that "the later the model, the sh***ier the mainspring" - please pardon my French. I don't know whether this is accurate.

  5. An ingenious and resourceful fix!

  6. Twink, or correcting fluid, white-out, are all very good for restoring the lettering to black keys where the old paint has dried out and fallen out.