15 de mayo de 2011

Hermes Paillard ads

These following ads illustrate Swiss Paillard's successful "Hermes" typewriters. They appeared, if not otherwise stated, in the Swiss monthly magazine "Du".
Du 1944-04 Hermes Baby
April 1944
The "Hermes Baby" cost 180 francs in 1944. August Baggenstos was general representative of Hermes in the German speaking part of Switzerland (later: HEMAG Hermes Schreibmaschinen AG).
Du 1944-12 Weihnachten Hermes Baby
Christmas 1944
Hermes Baby
Hermes Baby n° 316990 (1944)
I happened to have a Hermes Baby from 1944 at hand - greetings to Alfred at this point!
Du 1945-08 Hermes Baby
August 1945
Du 1945-12 Weihnachten Hermes Baby
Christmas 1945. artist: J. Müller-Brockmann
This poster was designed by Swiss graphic design artist Josef Müller-Brockmann (1914 - 1996). He designed several other posters for the Paillard company.
Du 1946-10 Hermes Schreibmaschinen
October 1946
Du 1946-12 Weihnachten Hermes Baby
Christmas 1946. Artist: Moritz Kennel
Du 1947-04 Hermes 2000
April 1947. Artist: Moritz Kennel
Du 1948-03 HERMES Progress
March 1948. Artist: J. Müller-Brockmann
"Progress of our times... Hermes is keeping up!"
Du 1948-09 Hermes Baby
September 1948
Du 1948-12 Hermes 2000
Christmas 1948. Artist: J. Müller-Brockmann
"A wonderful Christmas dream!"
Du 1949-01 Hermes 2000
January 1949
"Easy, silent and beautiful writing
Superior equipment
Precise construction from best material
Pleasant, adjustable key-stroke"
Du 1949-04 Hermes 2000
April 1949
"easy... precise and clear...
fast... beautiful..."
Du 1949-12 Hermes 2000
Christmas 1949 issue. Artist: J. Müller-Brockmann
"The Hermes portable typewriter - a present of lasting value"
Du 1950-08 Hermes Ambassador
August 1950 - featuring the Hermes Ambassador
"Progress of technique - Hermes is keeping up the pace!"
Du 1950-12 Weihnachten mit Hermes
Christmas 1950. Artist: J. Müller-Brockmann
"The Hermes Portable - a christmas present of lasting value!"
Du 1952-08
August 1952
"Hermes Baby - the small travel typewriter with great performance. A Masterwork of Swiss precision mechanics. which will also inspire YOU. The price? Hermes Baby is affordable for everybody: it costs only 230 francs, including the case."
Du 1953-04 Hermes typewriters
April 1953
Du 1954-04 Hermes 2000 typewriter
April 1954
Du 1955-12 Hermes Baby Media 2000
December 1955
Schweizer Spiegel 1950-12 Hermes
source: Schweizer Spiegel, December 1952

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  1. Excellent. A brief history of advertising eloquenty told.

  2. I'm impressed by the charm and delicacy of those early ads.

  3. Thanks for posting these ads, very interesting.

  4. hermes, baby, in jeder lebenslage die perfekte begleitung .
    danke für die sensationelle sammlung!