4 de octubre de 2015

Typewriters in Nancy

Ok, it was a fantastic meeting. Here I share photos of the typewriters present at the October 3rd meeting of the French collectors' associations, held in Nancy in beautiful Lorraine. Please enjoy!

Moby Dick, made in 1948. It followed me home. Typosphere magic: RobertG of backspace does not erase also features a late Adler in today's post.

Moby Normal, 1930s

Adler flatbed writer, or rather, screenwriter

AEG Olympia Standard - now this is a puzzle for a collector. Anyone knows about this model?

The first Caligraph - or is it a Frister & Rossmann?

The second Caligraph - nice! As always, with the famous spelling mistake (it should be "calli")

high on my wish-list: The Chicago, with its intriguing typing mechanism

We type Chinese!

Contin, aka Remington 3, in beautiful deep blue

It's France, so plenty of Dactyle-Blicks

Yes!! I got this one! It's a Dactyle 3, equivalent to the Blick 7

The Dactyle company also labelled calculating machines

all right, there is one S.P. Blick

Ah, one Etoile with original spool covers - they are usually missing, although they can be replaced by a Hermes Standard 3 or 4 typewriter spool covers (which of course requires you own one)

A Hermes Ambassador, guinea-pig edition

Here is something special: it's the first Japy standard typewriter, a Model 3X. Even more special, this one still has "Remington-Sholes" written on the front (to complicated for me now to add the detail picture, this primitive blogger software is really driving me nuts, highly complicated to add one more picture in between - blogger.com software specialists, take wordpress as an example!!). The story goes that the first of the Japy series were still produced in the U.S. and only mounted in France. Something to follow up. Who knows facts?

A Japy 3Y, already labelled "BEAUCOURT - JAPY  FRERES & Cie - PARIS"

In Lambert paradise

... and one more

This L.C. Smith is special - according to the seller, it is one of the D-Day typewriters - wow!

ok, Mignon - NICE!!

Mignon 2 - would also be my choice

A model 3

and a Model 4 (with backspace key)

Monditype - I like it. And it followed me home

Ochydactyl - train your fingers till they hurt

Odoma. I find the design very classy

Portex Portex! with glamorous finishing

Yes!! top of tops - a Sholes & Glidden. It was sold in good old Vienna, when the Emperor was still young

It really is a privilege to inspect such a beautiful machine close-by

The Toshiba Typewriter

Also on my wish list - a TYPO. When is Christmas 2017? (I already got myself presents for 2015 and 2016)

Behold! A seemingly innocuous Underwood, but from the bottom of the case unfolds  a support for typing in the field. The perfect typer for a type-in with "bring your own table"

The Williams density at the meeting was uncanny - five machines spotted!! Maybe it's not rare after all? :)

I find the tab keys of this Yost particularly charming

and what a beautiful case with faux-woodgrain finishing

Are we done? Yes, for today. I still haven't given you the updates of other summer '15 weekends...

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  1. Thanks for sharing those grand typewriters. I need to learn about all those I did not know before seeing them now.
    I do not like blogger all that much either, but it is free. I erased an entire typecast one time so I could add a photo where I wanted and not where blogger wanted to place it.

  2. Looks like a fabulous meetup! Not the sort of machines I'm ever likely to see in person, you are quite lucky! :D

  3. Thanks for all these great photos!

    I don't think "Caligraph" is a spelling error. Kalos in Greek = beautiful.

  4. Anónimo4:58 a. m.

    Stalked by typewriters! Wish some of those would follow me home. That AEG Olympia looks suspiciously Bulgarian. :)

  5. Wauw, looks like there were more nice typewriters than there are in Köln usually!

  6. Many thanks for sharing these pictures. A remarkable array of remarkable machines there.
    (Congratulations on your catch of the white one - they indeed are cetacean-like heavy :-)