31 de marzo de 2014

RaRo Type Styles 1970

Alfred Ransmayer & Albert Rodrian's success story as producer of type had already lasted for more than 7 decades. In that year 1970 the company published its catalog "Liste B1", or "type styles for bar typewriters" in common language. They had tasked designer Jack N. Mohr with the job, and the result is great both for content and style.

Yet again, the collective effort of the typosphere, plus the kind permission of the copyright holder, made possible the publication of this precious document, right now and right here, and also forthcoming on the  typewriterdatabase.com. Thanks again to Ryk, Marlies, graphic artist Rob, and raro plastics gmbh in Berlin!

DOWNLOAD from typewriters.ch (26 MB)
Not only do Ransmayer & Rodrian display a large array of typestyles, but also, in the words of the authors, "[the] technical part of the catalogue contains some interesting information on the dimensions of the various types and letters and on type soldering".

Indeed, DIN 2107 will hold no more mysteries for you. The type soldering part will introduce the important RaRo patent for the aligning cut or prism. Maybe you have noticed the line on top of the "R" in the picture above. That's part of the aligning patent. It made type aligning very easy, at maximum precision.

Another useful page in the catalogue is a list of RaRo type styles ordered by numbers.

So, enjoy! and see you in the typosphere, or at the next type-in!

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  1. This is fantastic! Thank you very much for posting it.

  2. I re-keyed the section and sub-heads for clarity and file size economy, so I hope nobody spots any typos. Shout if you do!

  3. Wow. Thanks to all involved! I see that Fraktur was still an option in 1970 ... but they emphasize the techno and machine-readable styles.