8 de diciembre de 2012

The King's Treasure

This morning I woke up and saw that I had won an auction on a Swiss internet platform. This was quite unexpected, as I had placed this bid just for fun, or an expression that I really like this object, but wouldn't want to spend more money on it.
I saw that the object was located in Saint-Ursanne in the Swiss Jura region, not too far from Basel. A medieval town, allegedly a charming place. Thus began the QUEST FOR THE KING'S TREASURE.

Winter has fallen over this lovely Swiss landscape

A great read on the train - ETCetera No. 100! This issued is packed with incredible information and beautiful images, as are all ETCetera, but this issue is much thicker, marking the no. 100 mile-stone, and also the change of editorship. Thanks Richard! And ALL OF YOU TYPOSPHERIANS, GO SUBSCRIBE NOW. This is a must, very affordable, and super value for money. So, no excuses! See here for more information.

View towards Saint-Ursanne.

Getting closer. Very nice walk through a dream landscape of white and quietness.

The town's name ultimately derives from latin "ursus", the bear. You can see the bear in the city's coat of arms above the archway.

Peace and quiet. Good lunch. Down to earth, slowing down.

Interesting thing to see that the information headline on the administrative building uses a typewriter font for "a novel entity, a new image" (seven municipalities being regrouped in one new community)

view towards the mountains - great for walking

Now is this a place for a treasure hunt? The entry to the antiques store. A castle, really.

This is already not bad. 

Valuable information on this beautiful Noiseless typewriter. The internet had brought me here. And I discovered a REAL nice place and very beautiful spot in the Swiss Jura.

When I placed the little chest, a nun walked by and asked me whether this was the King's treasure. It sure is.

Well, it's a typewriter. So maybe not a surprise as to the category of the treasure. But what a nice typewriter! I LIKE it. Mignon model 2, quite rare in this colour.

One last shot, and then back with my treasure, through the snow, back to the city. What a day, what a memory.
More soon on typewriters.ch. Thanks for reading, and enjoy December!

PS: Have you subscribed to ETCetera yet!!!???

6 comentarios:

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh... Such a great score!

    And such a beautiful part of the world. As you can imagine - where I live walking in the snow seems such an unusual idea.

    Beautiful machine you've got there!

  2. What a beautiful adventure! The Mignon is an excellent addition to your collection, a very desirable item.

    I'm delighted to see ETCetera on a train rushing through snowy Switzerland. Thanks very much.

  3. Wonderful! Those are very beautiful photos. I really miss snow. One day I would love to spend winter in Germany or Switzerland.

  4. That's a great story of a treasure hunt. I'd love to see more of that shop!

  5. Beautiful typewriter and beautiful pictures of the Swiss countryside. Saint-Ursanne looks like a wonderful place. Maybe you are hitting on something; pictures of typewriters in nature. Perhaps I will go grab a camera.

  6. Excellent score! Maroon and gold are a great color combo on any machine, but a Mignon? Very, very nice! (: