17 de julio de 2011

Swiss Typewriter Letterheads

Inspired by Richard's post presenting the typewriter letterheads used at a recent typefest, I am happy to show you some Swiss 1930s letterheads. These are ready for download (follow the link by clicking on the pictures / alternative download from this page). Format is A4, but is should work just as well when printing them out on U.S. standard letter paper.

Briefpapier Baggenstos 1933
August Baggenstos was general representative for Hermes in German-speaking Switzerland. He wrote a cool book on typewriters, too.

Letterhead André Boss 1932

Briefpapier L.M. Campiche 1932
Louis-Marius Campiche was general representative of Hermes in the French-speaking parts of Switzerland
Briefpapier Baggenstos 1931

Briefpapier L.M. Campiche 1931
M.L. Campiche also sold Victor calculating machines

7 comentarios:

  1. Baggentos are cutting-edge typography. Stunning graphics!

  2. Die erste Baggenstos, ist die irgendwie vergoldet?

  3. Fantastic paper, thank you!

  4. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  5. Many thanks for these, they all look amazing!

  6. thank you all!
    @maschinengeschrieben: one could mean it's scanned gold, but it is really this silver colour, I checked today.

  7. These are great. I always admire typecasts on the old letterheads, now I can just grab one of these and look as cool as everyone else!