20 de abril de 2011

First Traincast

The Hermes Baby was marketed as being the top travelling typewriter of its time, used on the plane, ships, trains... so I thought to give it a try on a modern train... so here is a first train typecast (traincast?) ;)

Hermes Baby in action
somewhere in Tyrol, Austria


3 comentarios:

  1. Good for you! I am too scared of the lady you mention - and numerous others like her - who will ask how long you intend to keep up with that racket. Although goodness knows I have heard worse commotions on the train.

    By the by, have you taken a look at your new Everest? :-)

    Also, I have confirmation from AW, so I'll be seeing you soon!

  2. I hope this is the theme for the next few days - typecasting in transportation. To the lady you should have said "Why? Would you like to take a turn?"
    On my commuter train last November I was the first one in the car and typing when others came on. One or two chose to sit elsewhere, the others talked about typewriters.

  3. Love this. Trains and typewriters go together so well.