17 de mayo de 2000

Poland in detail

It was in Warsaw, in the spring of 2000.

The city made quite an impression on me. While walking under beautiful sunshine, and thinking about all sort of historical facts, it was graffiti that caught my eye. I assembled a couple of those for my first webpage, this is a repost of some sort. Here is what I wrote then, and what is still valid:
photographed by
Georg Sommeregger
Warsaw, May 2000
(courtesy to Eva)
'You find them all over the place, especially in the center. For two days I was walking the streets in search of these little indicators of artistic life in Warsaw. I was surprised to find so many of them and that they were so well done. Different topics are covered, from political slogans to ecological statements, from the classical self-portrait in form of styled signatures to sophisticated portraits. Not to forget cats & dogs. I thought it would be worth sharing these impressions. If you have the occasion, go there and discover yourself. With all the artistic urge to expression and talent, many new graffittis will have found their way on the city's walls.' G.S., July 2000.

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