27 de enero de 2014

I like engravings

Very much inspired by Michael, here is my little typewriter engravings show. Ain't they cutely cut? A much neglected art, these days.

First guess, then scroll.

Schreibmaschine in Meyers 1900

source: Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, 5th edition, tome XX. Yearly supplement 1899-1900, Leizpig and Vienna 1900.

PS: are these engravings, or etchings?

4 comentarios:

  1. Beautiful. These show a lot of skill. Does anyone do this anymore?

  2. Technology arrives in this household via the Big Brown Truck. As that truck trundles along delivering the wondrous and magical to all of us, I envision it leaving skills and ingenious devices of a former age behind in the dust. So thank goodness for the gleaners who collect and re-purpose those scraps. There is the Typosphere, of course, maintaining the best uses of typewriters, but a quick search finds that the art of engraving does indeed still live, even in the form of an engraved apple!

  3. Technically, i suppose, the images here are etchings, i.e., prints made from a metal plate in which a reverse image has been etched by acid.