22 de noviembre de 2013

A quick look at the Jolux Electric 600

Sommeregger's Sammelsurium feels very much obliged to respond to typospherians' requests. As suggested by Richard, here is a quick overview of the electric toy typewriter I took home from Cologne. It is the Electric 600 model produced by Jolux. I am still searching for information on this company. Working hypothesis is that it is a French company, and that the name would derive from "jouets" (toys) and "luxe"? TO BE ASCERTAINED. Until then, some evidence of this rather original construct:

5 comentarios:

  1. Excellent, thanks! Now I want to see it actualluy produce some typed text ...

    It strikes me as a slow and unpleasant way to type, but it's clever and unique. So unique that it gives me the strange feeling that some of the 19th century inventions do.

    1. The felt roller is dried out, but re-inking should be possible (I did it with the Yost and it worked). However, the carriage is blocked, I think because of the consumed gear wheel. Difficult to fix without spare parts. I completely agree with your description, it feels a bit out of time, it is slow, but a clever way to construct an electric typewriter because of its simplicity. They probably thought: "Fair enough for kids".

  2. Fascinating! Mechanically, that's a clever way to implement a daisywheel mechanism without an electronic processor. (:

    I want to see someone build a fer-serious one. :D

  3. Very ingenious! the Gyro Gearloose in me tells me that perhaps this design could be modified to become at least a half-decent typing mechanism by increasing the speed at which the mechanism rotates... perhaps by adding a couple of reducing gears between the motor and the shaft...

  4. By the way, non-electric Joluxes are easier to find, and they are conventional typebar machines.