5 de octubre de 2012

keyboard mania

See them all on typewriters.ch

5 comentarios:

  1. I love the "B" on the Barbie typewriter!

  2. Excellent. I think my favorites are those Alba typewriters. I do not recall seeing any of that brand before.

  3. Good Lord, you have some very interesting machines! I love that you're doing serial photo-posts of details not normally the focus of attention. Your series on typewriter cases reminded me of the thrill I get when spotting cases in the wild - the moments of anticipation and excitement between spotting the case and unveiling the typewriter inside. It's sorta like recapturing what Christmas morning felt like as a kid.

  4. Awesome slideshow!
    The green-red-brown-taupe combo of the Alba is fetching.

    1. I also like this little Alba typer a lot. It's special, not a fully "adult" machine.