22 de noviembre de 2013

Stationary for the typosphere

This week is "Robert Messenger week" on sommeregger's Sammelsurium. Meaning that my endeavour shall be to post faster than you guys can read. A week of leisure and freedom from the office makes it possible. While I admit that I am a lazy typecaster, I do enjoy to produce little goodies for the typosphere. So here is two more letterheads for downloading and typing away. I got the originals at my usual spot at the meeting in Cologne, scanned and cleaned them, and here they are, ready for my fellow typospherians.

Letterhead Royal 1942
Royal typewriters G. Beker, general agent for the Liège province, Belgium. 1942. The top line mentions "Tondelier Frères" in 134, rue royale, Brussels. There is little to be found on Tondelier on the internet, but my guess is they were the general agents for the whole of Belgium. (click on picture to download)

Letterhead L.C. Smith 1932
Herincx SA, general agent for L.C. Smith typewriters, Charleroi, Belgium. 1932. This letterhead prominently displays L.C. Smith's big achievement and central sales argument, namely the ball-bearings integrated in each typebar. This really made and makes for a wonderful light touch. (click on picture to download)
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3 comentarios:

  1. Oh, I love these. The second one has some beautiful typeface options.

    Good luck out-posting Rob. The man is a born writer.

  2. Thank you very much. These are wonderful.