20 de octubre de 2012

Retro-Technica impressions

 Some photos:

This is a telephone

a typical Swiss army typewriter - the Hermes Media

This is an interesting machine. Will will tell you all about it - once we have discussed it

another Hermes Ambassador, with the equally special "Raumsparschrift" (what's it called again in English?)

An Erika S, very well kept

This is also a telephone!

bringing home the Hermes

Hermes Ambassador typewriter
The Ambassador after a bit of cleaning

10 comentarios:

  1. Great looking Ambassador. Congratulations. The Retrotechnica Fair sounds like a wonderful place.

  2. Eine Ambassador im Zug - ohne Rollkoffer? Um Himmels willen!

    1. Wir Bergmenschen haben eine spezielle Kraft.

  3. Wow - very nice Ambassador and I had originally thought of making my trip to coincide with this fair. Thanks for the Erika pic, now I know what shape to make my ribbon cover!

  4. The black Hermes Media in the first photo- awesome!

  5. Raumsparschrift = "Space-saving font" according to Google. Tiny letters? Super-elite type?

  6. Seems like it was a wonderful time. Some great finds there! I love the Ambassador strapped to the backpack, and the darker Ambassador is rather attractive. Don't know that I could have left that behind!

  7. Aww geez... I'm looking for a cylinder player too, to complete my collection. Most of them are selling in AU for absurdly stupid prices.

    Looks like you saw some great machines though.

    And... How did you get your Hermes home!!

  8. You are truly a dedicated collector for bringing that Ambassador home. It looks great!

  9. Thanks for your comments. To answer a few, Swiss public transports are just marvellous, so I could bring it home quite easily. The Ambassador is not as heavy as it looks, it's less than 20 kg.
    What really caught my eye however is the lilitputian typeface. I put a photo for even clearer comparison.