17 de octubre de 2012

money for the typosphere

Some new currency for the typosphere. Draft, Oct. 2012.
Shall we call it "typo"?
Ok, here is one more traditional design:


13 comentarios:

  1. If typos are money, then I'm RICH!

    (Made three mistakes just typing up this comment.)

    1. just imagine paying off the loan by producing typos.

  2. Excellent! Where's that photo of the typewriter in the Basilisk fountain? That would be a good one to use as well.

  3. Ha ha ha ... I love it! Nice work.

  4. .... it just occurred to me that it is possible to incur a 'typo debt' now.

    Man on phone: Sir, you owe a significant amount of typos. Can you give us a date as to when you are going to repay them?
    Me: I'll take care of that right now. I'm just about to write a typecast.

  5. I love them both! I especially like the one with Mr. Sholes featured, though; Looks so official! So, shall this be our currency when the global economy collapses? It certainly has my vote!

  6. Beautiful. But I think when civilization collapses, we'll use typewriter ribbons as currency.

  7. I like it, but maybe we could replace the helemt at the left with a Sphinx?