20 de febrero de 2012

Schreibmaschinenfest Basel

Time for a type-in in Basel! Everybody feel invited! By the time, it should be spring.
!Viva la typosfera!

Thank you for suggesting points for the programme - so far I could think of speed-typing, free composition, a typewriter beauty contest...
Does anyone have competition rules for speed typing? Maybe from a world championship? All suggestions much appreciated.  

3 comentarios:

  1. From what I've gathered from the Philly Type-Ins, the speed contest consisted of a single passage, maybe a half page in length. The winner not only finished first/fastest, but did so without error.

    So, basically, you take all the completions in order, from fastest to slowest, and then remove the ones that had any mistake.

  2. At what time should we arrive, Georg? And what should we carry? See you soon!

  3. Why is the Typosphere filled with Kolibris right now? That makes me want one even more!