7 de febrero de 2012

Patria Swissa family

A few examples of this by now rather famous typewriter family.

My fascination with these truly Swiss typewriters continues... the more details I discover, the more interesting the story gets. Last year I visited the original PATRIA factory in Pieterlen. This "family" has been researched by Will Davis and was later on covered in ETCetera. I keep discovering foreign variants, for example the French "TYPO" or the English "BYRON" (made in Nottingham, and yet another chapter in the fascinating company history as discussed recently by Richard and Robert - great cross-references, the typosphere is becoming a very useful online compendium of typewriter history). Max Bill, who designed the round second shape of this portable, must have been proud of his highly successful product.

7 comentarios:

  1. Handsome family. The first looks distinctive but the second to the last is the one that really draws me. Too bad Swissa is very rare here in the US.

  2. There is something about the 6th one that caught my attention. It's just beautiful! I'd love to have one of this...

  3. Thank you! and thanks Richard for providing the diagram - reading ETCetera is always worth the while - I recommend to everyone to subscribe, and also order the back issues of previous years.

    More in Swissa / Patria, with funny English translation button, on www.typewriters.ch.

  4. Faszinierende Zeitreise. Sehr schön!

  5. Very nice typewriters. I really like the gloss black ones. I guess these are rather rare in the States. At least I see very few of any Swissa typewriters anywhere but in the blogs and on some web sites. Thanks for the post.

    & Richard, Thanks for the link. Nice.

  6. I <3 my Swissa (:

    I think if someone held a gun to my head and asked me what the finest Swiss Typewriter made was, I'd pick Swissa over Hermes.