14 de noviembre de 2011

moving the collection - part II

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  1. Georg, this is hilarious! You are having way too much fun with this. Great job on putting this video together; I can imagine how much time it took! It makes for thoroughly enjoyable viewing, thank you for sharing.

  2. Grossartig! Hoffentlich hat sich die Runtergefallene nicht wehgetan...

  3. Such a moving video, and such obedient typewriters!

  4. thank you for your comments!
    @florian: yes, one little typewriter got hurt. it is being serviced at the typewriter hospital.
    all others are safely stored in their new home - an me with muscle ache all over. typewriter collecting is true sport, you see.

  5. Fantastic video! I've never laughed so much at typewriters in my life.

    ...except for that one poor baby hitting the sidewalk. I'm glad to hear it's being repaired.

    I can only imagine how LONG it took you to move all those cases step by step. Moving them en masse was bad enough, then you added a lot of extra work by producing this wonderful video.

    No wonder your muscles ache!

    Thanks for sharing this, Georg.

  6. Wow, what can I say?!

    I know this took you a lot of time to put together. Great job!

    I also have a cart that I bought specifically to transport my typewriters. Of course, you have way more machines than I do!

  7. verneige mich dankend für diesen bewegenden beitrag , auch die filmmusik ist wunderbar passend

    ich freu mich über weitere abenteuer der frischluftgierigen tippsen .