1 de noviembre de 2011

Typewriter genealogy Part I

In the beginning, there was the Patria.
Patria Schreibmaschine
And Patria begat Japy P6.  
Japy P6

And Japy P6 begat Japy P68.
Japy P68
And Japy P68 begat Japy Script, and its twin brother Gesa.
Gesa Kleinschreibmaschine

(more information on the different models by clicking on the photos)

4 comentarios:

  1. And did Japy Script beget the plastic and boxy Japy Reporter? We should follow the lineage all the way to the end :)

  2. and let's not forget the Swissa :D

  3. @ Adwoa: the family's black sheep is hidden in the cupboard. But we shall unveil it.
    @ Ted: yes, it seems that arch-father Swiss Patria also had business going on back home. There is even rumours he "begat" one more lineage in Spain! We shall report in a short while!

  4. Yes, here's the spanish son: http://flickriver.com/photos/satorarepo/4154485549/