28 de junio de 2015

St. Mecano - Patron Saint of Typewriter Repair

When in Lausanne, Switzerland, don't miss a visit at Jacques Perrier's typewritermuseum. Servicing of business machines is also Jacques' dayjob, and in his daily work he is protected by St. Mecano, patron saint of smooth repair.

 The Musée Perrier gives a great overview not only of the history of typewriters, but equally features all other items typically found in the historic office: calculating machines, staplers, dictation machines, you name it. This makes for a complete general impression of what our offices looked like in the 20th century.

Apart from the general exhibition, Jacques periodically arranges for theme exhibitions. These days, it's Olivetti.

The iconic ICO, and Xanti Schawinski's poster

The imposing and elegant Lexicon 80 electric

The much coveted Graphika, and yes @Richard, I looked up the serial number: 1810597

A beautiful blue Studio 42. We were not sure whether the feed-rollers are original.

The Big Three: Nizolli, Sottsass, Bellini

trompe-l'oeuil: not the real typewriter, but the arsenic theater's original program for the season 03/04

I always find it interesting to see a succession of models side by side. Here is the evolution of the Olivetti portable:

And no post shall be complete without a Hermes Baby. Here is the rather rare green variant:

Many thanks to Jacques, and wishing you all a good typewriter day! shordzi

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  1. Deightful!

    I've added the Graphika serial number to my list. It's the latest one of which I know, but only four serial numbers later than Adwoa's. Did you notice whether it was Cassandre or Rainer?

  2. Anónimo9:50 a.m.

    HEAVEN, with or without the angel!!!