23 de junio de 2015

Happy Typewriter Day!

Wishing a glorious Typewriter Day to all you Typospherians out there! Three points:

First, Monsieur in his own right:
Here is TC (the typewriter cat) wishing you good luck with your collection!

Second, today Historische Bürowelt number 1 0 0 !! arrived in my mailbox. Fresh from the press, and packed with beautiful stories. Hurray, and ad multos!

Historische Bürowelt Nr. 100, edited by M. Reese, published by ifhb.org

Third, Janine of UPPERCASE sent a Typewriter Day message (see here for more) and informs that their book "The Typewriter: A Graphic History of the Beloved Machine" is ready for pre-order! Sensational news, and not to be missed!

Doesn't that make for a nice Typewriter Day? Happy typing, shordzi


5 comentarios:

  1. Ha ha ha. you're not replacing your collection of typewriters with a collection of cats, are you?

    1. haha, cats are more difficult to maintain, and keep in order :)

  2. I read about Janine's book but it seems so long ago and then forgot about it. I'll await your review with bated breath and see if I should order a copy. Happy Typewriter Day!

  3. Happy Typewriter day! (:

  4. I'm looking forward to HBw 100! Should arrive here soon.