18 de mayo de 2014

Varityping in Dietwil

Dietwil, Switzerland, has proven to be an epicentre of typewriter science. Yesterday we set out to explore Alfred's Varityper, # 512326 20. There was a question mark as to its functionality at first, but we gradually lifted the cobwebs and found it working.

See a few impressions of the day. And Varityper?? See Richard's page for details.


12 comentarios:

  1. Excellent photos of a great machine, and look at all those type shuttles! :D

    Love the slow-mo-pipe smoking video too (:

  2. Anónimo5:23 p.m.

    This machine looks funny! It's just like it's smiling all it's teeth at you from happiness.

  3. What a machine! That's an interesting typeface you have there. I'm not sure if I would want one of these machines myself, as the would be so damn hard to move. But still! Great stuff.

  4. You got your weight-lifting exercise today.

  5. Anónimo5:50 a.m.

    Looks like a cross between a typewriter and a parking meter!

  6. I remember reading about this machine on Richard's website a while back but your post really adds because of the detail. It is an extraordinarily strange and wonderful machine. It does look quite heavy. Weight distribution - is it front or back heavy?

    1. When taken at the handles, rather evenly distributed.

  7. Santa has a Varityper. They both have charming expressions but I hope the Varityper never billows smoke like that.