3 de mayo de 2014

A glimpse of Blick heaven

I recently had occasion to re-visit the most excellent Egarter typewriter collection in Carinthia, Austria. Helmut was so kind as to show me around, and this time we had a closer look at his extended Blick collection. This was perfect, as I had recently acquired a Blick, and, after a closer look at it, am now completely enchanted by these wonderful little and yet perfect typers. Here is a few impressions, with thanks to Helmut.

Blickensderfer No. 5
Blick No. 5, # 4828, 1893. One of the first 5000 Blicks made! The decal is not original.
Blickensderfer 5
A later Blick 5, # 23439, 1897
Blickensderfer 6
Blick 6, # 166387, 1913
Aluminium Featherweight Blickensderfer
Aluminium Featherweight Blick, # 154137, 1911
The Service Blick
A Service Blick, # 190192, 1919
Baby Rem
Baby Rem, # KS81581, 1928
Blick 7
Blick 7, # 168508, 1913
Dactyle 3
Dactyle 3, # 106994, 1906
Blickensderfer 8
Blickensderfer 8, # 162009, 1912
Blickensderfer 9
Blickensderfer 9, # 189387, 1916
View of the Blick section of the Egarter typewriter collection, 2014

5 comentarios:

  1. Impressive, beautiful display!

    Thanks, by the way, for your great article on the Velograph in the new ETCetera. Gut gemacht.

  2. Anónimo10:31 a.m.

    Wonderful set-up! And great collection.
    Is that a cash register in front of the other display?

    1. Yes it is. Apart from typewriters, Helmut's collection is also calculating machines, slide rulers, accessories of various kind. He presented me with a very nicely made catalogue, one more thing I wish I had for my own collection...

    2. Anónimo4:26 p.m.

      Oh that's nice! Must've felt like a real museum walking around his collection with that catalog.