29 de julio de 2013

Typewriters in context

It occurred to me the other day that a substantial part of my collection consists of typewriters made in Germany in the 1933 to 1945, i.e. Nazi era. I think it's worth recalling this fact. Below is an example in order to put a typewriter ad into its historical context.
Above you see the whole range of Olympia typewriters available in 1941: The Standard 8, Plana, and Elite, Progress etc. series.

Here is where this ad was originally placed: on the picture above, German prisoners of war outside Belgrade, Yugoslavia. On the left, the German army bombarding Athens. The magazine is called "Signal", and obviously a German propaganda magazine. What is special is that this is the French edition of said magazine.

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  1. On closer inspection, the photo shows disarmed prisoners of war near Bucharest. Rough translation of the caption: "...but already, right now, on thing is certain - there isn't an Englishman amongst them. So much for the grand promises to Yugoslavia of the English and Americans..."