23 de septiembre de 2012

Some typewriter ads

Just for the beauty of it.
Antares Compact
The little grey Antares portable in its blue case.
Antares Top Luxe
The same machine, but in much more elegant finishing (two tone).
Brother 900
my Good Lady
Continental portable
A quite original ad with the gentleman on the left folding and unfolding.
There we go: the Erika, sold in France as Gloria (ad from 1913).
Groma Kolibri
No traveling without her...
Groma Kolibri
"Travel with the light Kolibri". Kolibri being the humming-bird in German language.
Groma Kolibri
Ready, steady, go.
Hermes 2000
A rare and spectacular ad explaining the Hermes 2000's name: 2000 BC, god Hermes gave humankind the alphabet - now Paillard gives the World a writing instrument fit for the year 2000 AD.
Lambert 1913
I wish I had one - still looking.
Lambert 1913


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