21 de septiembre de 2012

letterheads for your pleasure only

Some more letterheads! Enjoy!

letterhead_contin_1923 letterhead_andre_ray_1935 letterhead_smith_premier_1935 letterhead_junior_gibert letterhead_hammond_varityper letterhead_progres_metz_1935
 Want even more? See the first installment.  

6 comentarios:

  1. I have one of my own of these that I'll be posting soon...along with the letter that was typed on it. There will also be other ephemera as well as the machine they all come with in that post.

    These are really wonderful. I especially love the Hammond one that not only takes up the header, but the left margin as well.

    1. Just discovering your blog, very nice!

      My favourite letterhead is the Contin (for esthetics), but the one with the tank is hilarious - stuff to write to your best enemy.

  2. Thanks, these are wonderful!!

    What is that "Junior" machine pictured on the Gilbert stationery? It looks familiar, but I can't exactly place it.