21 de septiembre de 2011

Calanda K51

Calanda K51, originally uploaded by shordzi.
Cats just LOVE typewriters!

Via Flickr:
Portable typewriter Calanda K51, serial number 33531-K-51, from 1951. Made in Switzerland.

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  1. To me, the cat seems to be asking, "WHY did you put me next to this strange object?"

    Now if the cat was laying on the typewriter, it would be more convincing! ;)

    Cute picture though. Interesting how many typing enthusiasts are also cat lovers. I certainly am!

  2. Yes, she has this asking look. She had walked in the picture while I was shooting the Calanda. So I guess her look means: "When will you finish with this photo nonsense and finally feed me?"

  3. Hello, Kitty!

    Glad you received the Calanda, Georg. Looks like it's in fine condition! How does it write? Carriage/ Basket shift?

    It reminds me of an Everest, aesthetically-speaking.

  4. Hadn't heard of that brand before, I'm curious how it types as well. Cute kitty!

  5. Hi Adwoa, I am really happy about this typewriter, which I believe is a third generation Calanda. It has carriage shift, but a special one in the sense that not the whole weight of the carriage needs to be stemmed, rather it topples - don't know if this is the right word - to the back, which makes for easy capital letters. Of my three Calandas, this one is in best writing condition, I only need to change the ribbon. As Toni Witzemann said, the Calanda is somewhat of a Cinderella, a gem to be discovered.

  6. @ notagain: Will Davis was the first one to cover it on http://machinesoflovinggrace.com/ptf/Calanda.html - it's still kind of rare, but since this first coverage some more have shown up in collections.

  7. Anónimo8:03 p.m.

    My kitty, Cameron, loves my typewriters. It's a tie for him between my typewriter collection and my sewing machine collection. Give him half a chance and he'll have thread all over himself and the room. None of my dogs ever expressed any interest, but every kitty does! Richard K/Texas