7 de septiembre de 2015

Lots of Used Typewriters in 1915

Mr. Gustav Freudenberg ran a shop specialising in used typewriters in Seefeldstrasse 19, Zurich, 100 years ago.  I came across this letterhead from 1915 which I want to share with you:

for FULL RESOLUTION, see here

Have a look! Can you count or ID them all? Which one would you choose?

Can you imagine walking in this shop and seeing all these old machines? It must have been a thrill - rather, it would be a thrill for us to beam back and be there. For the clients at the time, it was the occasion to score an old Densmore and the like. Practically minded people.

Well, ads tend to exaggerate. Nonetheless, all these machines we cherish and want for our collections were considered old already then. Strange thought...

that's it for today. happy typing, and see you soon - in the typosphere

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3 comentarios:

  1. Thanks for sharing this -- and all the rest of your excellently scanned stationery.

    I think the rarest machine shown in this letterhead is the Stearns, closely followed by the Secor.

  2. Anónimo12:32 a.m.

    Where is my time machine? I need to get to 1915 quickly and pick up a few typewriters.

    That is marvelous letterhead. I enjoyed your extensive collection of typewriter stationery.

  3. Very nice! And yes, many of these machines were already considered dated by 1915 and could be had rebuilt at a discount! Thanks for sharing this letterhead.