12 de enero de 2015

Typewriters on board the Zeppelin

Yesterday I randomly watched a fascinating documentary on the Zeppelin airships (Die Geschichte der Zeppeline - Vom Bodensee in alle Welt, on SWR). I was just expecting a typewriter to show up in the original footage. And there it was - I missed the first sequence of a reporter working away on a Remington portable, but then came Lady Hay: (all photos © SWR 2014/15)

The mythical Zeppelin - instrument of war and peace

Having a ball - Dr. Hugo Eckener (middle), a charming young lady at the right

 Lady Hay Drummond-Hay on board a Zeppelin airship

This clearly is a Remington portable No. 2
update: Robert Messenger kindly provided more information on Lady Hay Drummond. In 2009, a Dutch semidocumentary by D. Mensink and G. Nijssen about her life was released: "Farewell". See the preview here.

And here is some more pictures, and a historical document:

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  1. I can only image how enjoyable it must be to ride in a Zepplin and record the experince on a typewriter.

  2. Anónimo2:00 a.m.

    Wouldn't get me in one of them things!