9 de junio de 2014

Where Peter Mitterhofer roamed...

Let's spend a day following the footpaths of Peter Mitterhofer.

weather: great! place: close to Meran

Partschins around 1910. Mitterhofer's Partschins must have looked very similar.

Here is where he started roaming: his birth house, demolished 1896. Source: Lassnig, Dorfgeschichte, 2012.

He roamed quite a bit in and around this house. Text informs us he lived here before marrying. Source: information board in the village Partschins.

The same place today: the fabulous architecture of the Mitterhofer Museum. (see their website)

It's fantastic, so have another look.

searching for Peter Mitterhofer

most of the time, he roamed there: approaching his house

He lived here for 31 years. His prototypes where discovered in this house years after his death.

Peter Mitterhofer house in Partschins

Peter, not Christopher

more detailed information (click to view)

Here is the master himself. Location: Mitterhofer Museum.

It was the first time I could see a Mitterhofer machine. Yes, it's a real one. Discovered late, and one of the 6 models we know of.

We continue roaming with Peter Mitterhofer. As you know, he travelled to Vienna (on foot!!) (twice!!!) to show his inventions to the Emperor Francis Joseph.

Information board in the village.

Sensational facsimile of a letter typed by Peter Mitterhofer to his friend and benefactor, Ritter Franz von Goldegg. Written on his machine!!

So much roaming makes us hungry. Peter Mitterhofer probably ate the same Knödels.

He might have enjoyed a fresh Tyrolian egg, too.

Here he roamed. Partschins in the morning.

The local church. Notice the side wall, now in the shade.

Back at this very wall, in the sunlight.

different view

And here is where Peter Mitterhofer stopped roaming. The inscription below is useless. Stone placed 30 years after his death.

We continue roaming, today, without Peter, and find a good many buildings, institutions, or streets named after him.

view from inside the Mitterhofer Museum

Bye bye Peter Mitterhofer. See you next year.

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  1. Thanks for the glimpses. I hope to go sometime. Back in the 80s I was invited to Partschins by a guy I met in Rome but didn't go.

  2. Oh wie schön! Mir haben die Jausebüffets damals besonders gefallen.

  3. Very nice descriptions and for me very informative too. I knew of the history of Mitterhofer and his place in the development of the typewriter but I was really vague as to what he had accomplished. Your article has sparked my interest and I will try to find out what I can.
    Imagine, six Mitterhofers in existence, that in itself is a miracle.

    1. Thank you, and good luck with your research!