11 de agosto de 2013

Hermes at War

The title is maybe a tad too catchy. Never mind. Below you see the delivery of HERMES typewriters at the casern in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1939. At this time, World War II had begun. Right from the outset of the war, Switzerland had started the general mobilization of its army. These historical circumstances are the background of this photo, and explain its martial atmosphere and gravity. The elegant car - anyone know the brand of this vehicle? - is clearly marked "HERMÈS", and also "L.M. Campiche": L.M. (Louis-Marius, the founder, 24.12.1868 - 31.3.1939) Campiche was the general distributor for Hermes machines, first for all of Switzerland, subsequently for the French-speaking part of Switzerland. A couple of portables nicely in row, and the guardian soldier in perfect attire. In the centre of the photo, also a full-size cannon.
Hermes 5 1939
And here they are, inside, and in action. What we see are most certainly Hermes Media machines, with the characteristic olive-green colour especially devised for the Swiss army. The black lid in the background is probably a Hermes Standard 5 (produced 1937 through 1943).
Hermes 1940
Inside the Paillard works at Yverdon. Photo published in 1938:
Hermes 5 1938

Hermes 5
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6 comentarios:

  1. That's quite a surprising set of photos. To be honest, I know little of the Swiss involvement of the Second World War. But thisis certainly an interesting post.

  2. I've never heard much about the Swiss and WWII either. Those are really nice photos. The Hermes typewriters all at attention at the guard station and the photo of the factory are great'

  3. Love the history! Great post.

  4. Wonderful images, Georg. I always thought Switzerland was totally neutral in both world wars, and therefore had no army.

  5. Anónimo9:16 a.m.

    Being neutral doesn't mean that you don't need an army. You still have borders to defend (and Hitler did have plans to take over Switzerland). They were ready if needed, but otherwise didn't participate in the war.

    Very cool pictures!

  6. Interessant! Die Untertitel hat mir mein Kopf gleich in einem Filmwochenschau-Sprecher-Tonfall vorgelesen. Ich weiss nicht, wie die Blechhaube der Hermes 5 aussieht, aber diejenige meiner Hermes 4 sieht exakt so aus wie die abgebildete.