9 de mayo de 2013

Ruf vs Hermes 2000

Picking up on Richard's question, here is some distinctly low-quality photos from my ipad featuring a Ruf portable #385764 and Hermes 2000 #455226 (the latter in addition to the photo quality being particularly dirty, for which the low photo quality could be of advantage). Apart from the decals, the only differences I could spot were yellow lines on the right half of the platen (Ruf) and an additional frame on top. I hope to see this in action next week, with one of our office specialists explaining.

2 comentarios:

  1. OK, so on the Ruf the paper bail and scale are separate units, and on the Hermes (as on most typewriters) they are one and the same. Why? ... Maybe this helped to handle a particular sort of form.

    Most "bookkeeping" typewriters have decimal tabulators, and this one apparently does not.

    Thanks for the pics!

    1. The Ruf accounting method at its core was to use loose leaves, so this could be it.