25 de noviembre de 2012

Some new old ribbon tins II

Some more eye-candy for the starving typewriter-collecting community.
Farbbanddose Pelikan
Pelikan, a well-known brand, and still in business. The logo has altered over the years. Here, you see the pelican feeding four of her chicks. The number of chicks has gradually been reduced, reaching a sad single chick, thus reflecting demography changes in contemporary Western societies.
Farbbanddose Alpina
ALPINA. Häusler-Zepf, office machine dealer in Olten, Switzerland.
Farbbanddose Codo r
Beautiful Japanese style, from Leetsdale, PA.
Farbbanddose Codo v

Farbbanddose Premier r
Here is "The Smith"!
Farbbanddose Premier v

Farbbanddose Fine Service
Fine Service Brand, produced by the Stenno Ribbon & Carbon Mfg. Co., Portland, Oregon.
Farbbanddose Fine Service v

Farbbanddose Alpad
Alpad is a traditional German brand, and the company is still in business. It can provide you with typewriter ribbons of different dimensions, even for your odd Adler 7 or Remington 6 upstrike. 
Farbbanddose Keelox

Farbbanddose Gallus
Gallus, a French tin. Gallus being the "Gaulle", and accordingly we see what I believe to be the profile of Vercingetorix, leader of the Gallic tribes rebelling against the Roman armies of Jules Cesar. 
Farbbanddose Underwood

Farbbandschachtel Remington

Farbbandschachtel Triumph r
Rümelinsplatz 5 is an address in Basel, Switzerland. This relatively recent ribbon box lists some major brands for which the 13mm ribbon fit.
Farbbandschachtel Triumph v

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  1. These are great.

    I was not aware of the evolution of the Pelikan logo -- is it population-control propaganda?