24 de junio de 2012

Type-in Basel wonderful

Café La Cuna in Basel, Switzerland, is just the kind of place you need for a spontaneous type-in: space, friendly staff, typewriter-friendly clients, and also great coffee.

It was a pleasure hosting Peter during his Tour de Suisse, and Florian joined us for the day in Basel. We started warming up at the location of the typewriters.ch museum - "home to 300 typewriters and still counting", testing new old machines, amongst others an intriguing white variation of a Urania piccola Florian brought, and a classic Voss, a Mercedes Selecta, and a Smith-Corona Galaxie (sic!) I don't want to talk about too much because I totally love its typeface and find it hard not to keep it here with me in Basel.

We then set out for a spontaneous type-in at Café La Cuna, which produced the following on-the-spot protocol, and also the first special award to the owner of the café for "typewriter friendliest café", as certified by the present members of the typosphere.

 some more impressions from our great day, adding to the glory of the already all-so glorious typosphere:

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  1. Gorgeous typing by that Smith-Corona. I am impressed that Peter carried it everywhere -- it's a portable, but not a light one!

    I am glad that this "Mediencafé" is friendly to the typewriter medium. Thanks for sharing the event.

  2. Excellent photos Georg. Thanks for taking them, and for hosting. I had a great time!

  3. That Smith Corona typeface remains on my obsession list. Thanks for showing it off! I'm glad you had a great type-in.

  4. OMG!! love that cursive fonts!! that is to die for, I am looking for a typewriter that has a cursive fonts and I hope I will find it one day! Do you have any to let go?
    Email me at yuzzyusof@gmail.com

  5. What an amazing day!!! Thank you all for sharing your pictures and reports; I really feel as if I was there in spirit :)

    Now, Georg, back away from that Galaxie...

    Peter, I agree with Richard - you are awesome for carrying that not-so-portable around all this time, and I certainly must give you a special something as a reward. Only if you manage to wrest it from Georg's grasp and bring it safely to Geneva tomorrow, of course... :P

  6. *sigh* this only makes me want to go back to Basel! I stayed in the city for just a couple of days last November and I loved it! Now I know they're typewriter friendly so its even more reason to go back for fun and not business.

    Thank you for the photos.

    1. Hi Jason, when in town, just give me a shout, there is much to be explored in the local typosphere.