5 de julio de 2011

Summer colours


This year's Summer Colours are presented to you by: Remington Noiseless 10, Voss 24, olivetti lettera 22, and Everest K2. Hope you are enjoying the summer (well, not you yet Robert)!!

Remington Noiseless 10
17,3 kg, to be exact

Voss 24
Voss 24

olivetti lettera 22
lettera 22

Everest K2 typewriter
an Everest K2 in excellent condition

3 comentarios:

  1. What a beautiful Everest! :-) Gorgeously photographed, as usual.

    I would say the Voss is more of a winter color, really...

  2. Dazzling! Has that Remington been repainted? I've never seen that machine in such a bold color.

  3. Thank you Adwoa and Richard! Admittedly, the Voss is a bit of a maverick - it stands for Pachamama, the connection with mother Earth.
    This blue is the Remington's original colour!