19 de febrero de 2011

1. Schreibmaschinenfest Basel

Listen to this sound clip. We had a type-in with three participants this time. Machines in action were: Seidel & Naumann IDEAL, Olympia Splendid 33, and Smith-Corona Electric 12 portable. The programme of this very first Schreibmaschinenfest, or Typewriter Party, in Basel was twofold: Firstly, free creative typing, no time limit. Secondly, a five-minute speed contest. It was great great fun!
Olympia red

PS: the electric didn't win, it was the Seidel & Naumann IDEAL
Seidel & Naumann Ideal

2 comentarios:

  1. The schreibmaschinenfest sounds wonderful! Liked the sound clip.

  2. that RED Olympia is to die for! looks wonderful!